Illegal mining poisons the Amazon A new film by Jorge Bodansky analyzes the mercury contamination of Amazonian rivers as a result of illegal mining Renowned Brazilian filmmaker Jorge Bodansky will preview his new film “Amazonia: the new Minamata?” on 1 February, during the International Colloquium “Amazonia: Rising Violence and Disturbing Trends”, in the Department of […]
At the end of their European tour of Belgium, Germany, Austria and Poland, performance troupe AfroRaiz return to their home city of Marabá, Pará, at the confluence of the Amazon rivers Itacaiúnas and Tocantins. Based in the poor neighbourhood of Cabelo Seco, AfroRaiz are part of Rios de Encontro (Rivers of Meeting), a community project […]
On 15 December the journalist, Ricardo Kotscho, who works in São Paulo, received an SOS from his friend, Eliane Brum, a well-known and much-loved journalist, who lives in Altamira in the heart of the Amazon. Eliane has published a series of scathing attacks on President Jair Bolsonaro and his government, most of them published in […]
‘Amazon at Risk – it affects us all’ This was the theme of an event held in Belém, in the Brazilian Amazon, which started on 28 October 2019. The event was organized by Christian Aid partner Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens (MAB) -The Movement of People Affected by Dams. The meeting also convened  the We […]
More than 50 development and human rights institutions in Bolivia have come together to appeal for a peaceful solution as the country is plunged into a social and political crisis. The crisis follows the disputed elections, the resignations of president Evo Morales and vice president Alvaro García Linera and their departure to exile in Mexico. […]
After the Catholic Church started the preparation for its Amazon Synod, Christian Aid’s Latin America and the Caribbean division worked with faith-based organisations across the region. Together they created a declaration to support the Synod and to ask that all decisions be made taking into account the peoples of the Amazon forest. This declaration, called […]
São Paulo, November 10 2019. Following a controversial Supreme Court ruling, Lula has been temporarily freed after 580 days in prison on a corruption charge he has always denied. His freedom came, not because of the leaked conversations that revealed a conspiracy between local judge, now Justice Minister,  Sergio Moro and the prosecutors to stop […]
LAB received this report from a long-term friend and supporter in Chile. Santiago, 1 November Dear friends at LAB, our country received so much help from you in its struggle to regain democracy, that I decided to send you this mini-report. After all, what are friends for? The thing to ask about the recent social […]
This is the first of a series of articles contributed by LAB partner Agência Pública from São Paulo, Brazil. It brings together material first published in the series ‘Amazônia sem Lei’ on Agência Pública’s website. You can see the original and other material (in Portuguese) here. 97.7% of conflict areas in Brazil are found in […]
It is spring in the Southern hemisphere. But in Chile, this spring is different – Santiago, 29 October ‘Chile has woken up’  is one of the most popular slogans in the recent eruption of social unrest in the country. It has been fêted as the most prosperous country of Latin America, a model, and most […]