Thursday, December 2, 2021
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World Cup Football Blog

Now the cup is over, Brazil's media are seeking to blame any shortfall in commercial profits on the social movements and demonstrators. What a cheek!
The Latin American Council for the Social Sciences produced a fascinating blog about the Cup and its importance and impact on the countries of the Region.

São Paulo Fan Friendly

Ed Rhodes reports on a World Cup fans match, England vs Brazil. The match was arranged with LAB's help.

Follow the money

Never before has Brazil received so much coverage in the UK media as in the build-up to the World Cup. But, says Sue Branford, one key issue has been ignored.

We was robbed (again)…

It could have been so different. Instead Brazil got corruption, repression, white elephant megastadiums... and FIFA
A brilliant comic-blog from LAB Partner A Pública, describes the trafficking of young girls to World Cup cities.
Friendly match arranged for England football fans in Manaus
A brilliant YouTube video by HBO's John Oliver
Philosophy Football's Mark Perryman provides a World Cup reading list.
UK-based Philosophy Football has a new T-shirt for the World Cup, based on a Brazilian design with the motto:

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