The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, explains why his country rejected the Copenhagen "accord".

Bolivia defies threats

Pablo Solon, Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN, condemns attempts to impose deeply flawed Copenhagen accord.
 Huge pressure is being put put on Bolivia and Ecuador. John Vidal reports.
Naomi Klein argues that the Cochabamba conference points to the only effective way of combating climate change.

Bulletin 2 March 2010

Chile: international aid arrives – people and authorities organise against looting ♦ Argentina: welcome US mediation ♦ Chile: earthquake will not stop economic growth ♦ Bolivia: Rains destroy communities

LAB Bulletin 19 February 2010

Haiti: race against time to help survivors amid fears of political chaos ♦ Bolivia: Morales appoints new judges ahead of judicial elections ♦ Argentina: Ariel Ramirez has died ♦ Chile: new government will postpone decision on fuel p

Bulletin 9 February 2010

Costa Rica: crime, a priority for new president ♦ Argentina: illness of former president fuels political uncertainty ♦ Venezuela: Chávez 24:7 ♦ And you get fined if you do not save electricity ♦ Bolivia identifies plants that

Bulletin 4 February 2010

Argentina: President rejects accusations of corruption ♦ Colombia: HRW warns of re-emergence of right-wing paramilitaries ♦ Bolivia: children abused in shelters ♦ Chileans confident in economy ♦ El Niño has arrived

Bulletin 19 January 2010

Haiti: The US takes control of Port-au-Prince ♦ Reconstruction plans ♦ Chile: new president to continue current policies ♦ Venezuela: government does not rule out more expropriations ♦ Bolivia denies responsibility for failure o
Nick Buxton, from the Transnational Institute (TNI), provides a spirited response to accusations that Bolivia 'hijacked' the negotiations.

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