Saturday, July 24, 2021
Following the death of ‘Mono’ Jojoy, the guerrilla’s military chief (pictured left), many analysts, including the president himself, predicted that it was the beginning of the end for the FARC.
Despite it's record of human rights abuses and lack of success in conquering the country's drug problem, Colombian military are now helping to train Mexican soldiers in their fight against the drug cartels.
We will be here until they free our people and the military stop falsely accusing us of links to the ELN’ says one striker.
At least 38 Indians, 20 of them minors and the rest no older than 25, have turned in their weapons and left behind the Colombian armed conflict thanks to a program sponsored by the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca, or ACIN.
Afro-Colombian communities in the Chocó suffer land invasions once again. Read more for an English summary followed by original in Spanish.
New cables revealed in El Pais, a Madrid daily, show how Latin American countries are increasingly wary of China's growing presence in the region.
Then-Lieutenant Juan Carlos del Rio Crespo has been charged along with four other soldiers of murdering three civilians in Antioquia and dressing them up as FARC guerrillas killed in combat.
Cables from the US embassy in Bogotá, released by Wikileaks, give an insight into the negotiations in 2009 over the use by the USA of Colombian military bases.
Santos hailed the success of ‘Operation Diamond’ as he confirmed on 29 December the death of Guerrero, the head of the criminal group called the Popular Anticommunist Revolutionary Army of Colombia (ERPAC).
Human rights activist wins award for her organisation's struggle to regain land violently seized by paramilitary groups. Article, in Spanish, from La Semana.

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