Tuesday, October 24, 2017
This report by Nasim Chatha for Truthout was first published on July 22 2017. You can read the original here. The new federal penitentiary in Santa Barbara, Honduras, occupies a strip of land between a highway and cloudy, forested hills. "El Pozo," or The Pit, as it's known, is surrounded by barbed wire and has two additional checkpoints beyond the...
This article was first published by NACLA on 24 May 2017 Miguel López took cover in the shade at the entrance to the hilltop cemetery. It was approaching noon in the mountains of western Honduras, and the sun beat down on the Azacualpa Environmental Committee members gathered to discuss their ongoing battle with Aura Minerals, a Canadian mining company. Located...
As the impeachment process comes to an end, a group of intellectuals, both Brazilian and foreign, publish a collection of essays, analysing President Dilma Rousseff's time in government and repudiating the veiled coup.
How Hillary Clinton failed the peoples of Central America and migrants from the region to the US

Honduras 6

In his final blog James Watson expresses his enormous admiration for the Honduran people in their struggle against corruption, exploitation and social injustice.
Honduras is in the process of giving away almost a third of its land territory to mining companies, with a horrific impact on people and the environment.
James Watson took part in the largest demonstration in Honduras in recent history. This is his account.
James Watson spends a night with the hunger-strikers, as the police reacts more aggressively to the continued mass mobilisation.
In his second blog from Honduras, James Watson tells the story of the amazing emergence of the protest movement in Tegucigalpa.
In the first of a series of posts, James Watson describes the work of COPINH to protect their land and the environment.

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