Thursday, August 18, 2022


The Popular University of Honduras

Interview with Franco Lagos. In 2015 a group of Honduran researchers and activists founded the Clementina Suárez Popular University. This was the idea of...

Honduras: Yorleni’s story

Yorleni is one of the women who has benefited from the Legal Advice Centre run by Las Hormigas ('The Ants'), the Intibuca Women's Organization....

Honduras: Las Hormigas in action against femicide in Intibucá.

The streets witnessed demonstrations against violence against women in Honduras. In La Esperanza, Intibucá, the feminist organization Las Hormigas celebrated this day in the...

Honduras: Femicide Part 1 – The most dangerous country to be...

To view this video click here. Juju Chang reports from Honduras, the most dangerous country on earth in which to be a woman. She documents...

Honduras: Femicide Part 2. Battling machismo culture. Part 2.

To view this video, click here. Part 2 of the ABC Nightline documentary on women in Honduras. In this episode we see an adolescent maternity...

Honduras: the very strange elections of November 2017

Honduras is a tropical country punished by poverty, corruption and violence. As if that weren’t enough, on November 26th, 2017 Honduras had some very...

Honduras: Breaking the silence around violence against women

Women Crossing the Line is a three part mini-documentary series that spotlights the work of women activists in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala rising to protect women's rights, the environment and democracy.

Honduras: Hillary Clinton backed the coup

It’s well known where Hillary Clinton stood on regime change in Iraq and Libya, but what often gets forgotten is that she threw her...

Honduras: where women are murdered for $60

Inside Honduras: where women are murdered for US$60. Video: Channel Four News. 3 February 2015

Voices of Latin America – social movements and the new activism

This is a book of many voices (more than 70 of them, from 14 different countries) which testify to an extremely sensitive and uncertain moment in the history of Latin America. 

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