Tuesday, October 24, 2017
As election approaches, indigenous leaders face mounting pressure
Not only Nicaragua, but Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia and Costa Rica are all promoting 'wet' or 'dry' canal projects to join the two oceans. Chinese money is backing all of them.
Violence in Tegucigalpa and Rio de Janeiro, organised crime in El Salvador, the authoritarian legacy in Argentina ... some of the research topics for LAB partner Researching Security.
Honduran military claims that clandestine groups are carrying out military training are used to justify further repression.
A photo essay: women denounce violence and demand a real commitment to women's rights.
Two more subsistence farmers have been killed in the violence relating to land ownership in the Aguan region of northern Honduras.
Several strains of the fungal disease 'Roya' are devastating coffee bushes across Central America with disastrous consequences for harvests and farmers
In the three years since the coup which removed President Zelaya, government, police and judiciary have ignored the mounting violence against women
In an exclusive interview, Reyna Tejada, of the Honduran women's organisation CODEMUH, describes their campaign to improve conditions for women workers in the maquilas or sweatshops producing clothes for export.
An international observer in Honduras looks at the issues likely to dominate the political and social agenda there over the coming months

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