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Sex Tourism Threatens Central America’s Youth

Whilst South East Asia remains the hub of sex tourism, Central America is growing in popularity due to poverty and diminishing opportunities.

Voices of Latin America – social movements and the new activism

This is a book of many voices (more than 70 of them, from 14 different countries) which testify to an extremely sensitive and uncertain moment in the history of Latin America. 

Nicaragua’s Grand Canal: 5 — The Geopolitics of the Canal

In the last of the series, Russell White looks at the geo-strategic implications of the Nicaraguan Canal and wonders why the United States has not been more vocal.

Central America: two, three, many Atlantic-Pacific canals

Not only Nicaragua, but Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia and Costa Rica are all promoting 'wet' or 'dry' canal projects to join the two oceans. Chinese money is backing all of them.

Nicaragua: Interview with Sandra Ramos, Women’s Rights Activist

LAB caught up with Sandra Ramos on her recent visit to London to learn of new developments in the Women's Movement and the impact of recent regressive laws in Nicaragua.

Protest art in Latin America + news from LAB. November 2017

Dear LAB Supporter and Friend, Protest art in Latin America Louise Morris, a member of LAB’s Editorial Team who travelled to Central America for us at...

Central America’s China Syndrome

The Isthmus is almost the last place on Earth where The People's Republic of China and Taiwan still compete for recognition.

Nicaragua: pros and cons of the interoceanic canal

The costs and benefits of the Punta Gorda - Brito route to supplement and replace the Panama Canal.

Nicaragua’s Grand Canal: 2 –The environment vs the economy

Ecotastrophe or 200,000 jobs and a doubling of GDP? The Canal debate rages.

Rosa of the Wild Grass – The Story of a Nicaraguan...

From the days of the Somoza dictatorship, through insurrection, the Sandinista victory, the Contra war, election defeat, the struggle for survival up to 2013: three generations of the women of one peasant family tell their story

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