Friday, July 21, 2017
Rosa of the Wild Grass: the Story of a Nicaraguan Family, by Fiona Macintosh, was published by LAB just over a year ago. To mark the first anniversary of this remarkable book, Fiona gathered a group of nine local people at the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine, Ayrshire, as part of the exhibition 'My Home is Your Home -...
The FSLN's Daniel Ortega comfortably won a fourth term as president in November's elections in Nicaragua. Despite opposition claims that his government is becoming increasingly authoritarian, Ortega received more than 70% of the votes cast, while the FSLN party increased its majority in the legislative. Here, a supporter of the government working in the Nicaraguan countryside explains to Nicaragua...
From the days of the Somoza dictatorship, through insurrection, the Sandinista victory, the Contra war, election defeat, the struggle for survival up to 2013: three generations of the women of one peasant family tell their story
A new book from LAB tells the graphic story of the women of a Nicaraguan peasant family over 5 decades
Nicaragua’s Grand Canal project continues to be delayed amid news that Wang has lost 85 percent of his fortune. The canal seems ever more to be a mirage. Russell White investigates.
Thousands of Cuban migrants trying to reach the United States through Central America have found themselves stranded as countries close their borders to them.
LAB caught up with Sandra Ramos on her recent visit to London to learn of new developments in the Women's Movement and the impact of recent regressive laws in Nicaragua.
An Earth Education Project in Managua helps women who lived on the municipal rubbish tip make and sell jewelry.
Dutch journalist Teake Zuidema gave a lift to some Nicaraguan police on their way to control demonstrations by farmers afraid of compulsory purchase and forced relocation.
One of the largest construction projects in the world, costing four times Nicaragua's annual GDP --so where is the money coming from?

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