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Nicaragua: Ortega wants a submissive church

The persecution of the Church in Nicaragua intensified in the small hours of Friday 19 August when police broke into the residence of Mgr Rolando Álvarez, Bishop of Matagalpa in northern Nicaragua, and took him away with the other clergy and laity who had been blockaded with him for two weeks.

Global day of action on abortion rights

In Latin America, the women’s movement began campaigning for reproductive rights in the 1980’s and September 28 was chosen as a day of action demanding access to free and safe abortions.

Nicaragua: a contested election

William Robinson in NACLA argued that the recent Nicaraguan presidential election was a 'sham'. Here two journlists examine his arguments in detail and offer a very different view.

Nicaragua: The invasion of autonomous land

Indigenous people along Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast face constant danger as they seek to defend their autonomous territories against invasion by colonos and government claims that these are 'empty lands' available for development.

Nicaragua: no contest

The result of the Sunday 7 November presidential and congressional elections in Nicaragua is a foregone conclusion. Current president Daniel Ortega and his vice-president wife Rosario Murillo are certain to win a landslide victory, and the Sandinistas will continue to dominate the National Assembly. Yet this result comes with a substantial cost: the arrest of opposition leaders and outlawing of many NGOs.

Latin America deadliest region for earth defenders

A Global Witness report shows that despite Covid lockdowns, 2020 set a new record as the deadliest year yet for environmental defenders.

Central American political posters of the ‘80s and ‘90s

From 1975-1977 I was the volunteer co-ordinator for the Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR) in Honduras and Nicaragua. This was a time when the Sandinistas were building their support in Nicaragua against the Somoza regime and Honduras had just been through the short-lived ‘football war’ with El Salvador.

Central America awaits second hurricane

Nicaragua and Honduras brace themselves, as Christian Aid continues its response to the ongoing emergency The category 5 Hurricane Iota is due to make landfall...

Nicaragua’s youth movement for agro-ecology

Young people and rural trade unions in Nicaragua are campaigning for a better, more sustainable agriculture industry.

An open and shut case – schools and Covid-19

‘What’s that huge queue for?’ I asked my friend. He simply shrugged his shoulders as we stared at the seemingly endless line of people,...

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