Friday, July 21, 2017
Planned new legislation will encourage deforestation − at a time when fires caused by the serious drought are destroying vast areas of forest.
Haiti is the only country in the world where provision of sanitation decreased in the last decade: cholera will remain endemic for many years.
LAB Editor Francis McDonagh discusses what the tragedy in southern Brazil, in which 236 young people were killed, tells us about Brazil's ambition to be a member of the 'rich country' club.
The Americas now face the challenge of coping with the inevitable, potentially devastating,impacts of climate change.
In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, millions of dollars have been spent on ambitious rebuilding projects for the capital Port-au-Prince that appear to have come to nothing.
Ofxam, in conjunction with other NGOs and other Bolivian authorities, are working to implement an early warning system to lessen the damaging effects of landslides on the heavily populated steep slopes of the Bolivian capital.
An unusually violent hurricane ravaged their community but women are rebuilding their lives with sewing machines and eggs.
The new Haitian government is having problems to put the country back on track
One year on and millions of Haitians are still living in tent cities, with poor sanitation and inadequate water supply.
Kanya D'Almeida examines the gap between the rhetoric surrounding the reconstruction of Haiti and the situation on the ground.

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