Tuesday, January 18, 2022
The complex character of Fernando Lugo: star military academy graduate, priest, father and (now ex-) president. Hugh O'Shaugnessy looks at his life.
John Perry looks at the disastrous outcome of the 2009 coup in Honduras and the difficulties and dangers confronting all who resist the new government.
Claudia Pompa reports on Fundacion Paraguaya -- its mission, history and successes.
The Franco government has approved the cultivation of genetically modified corn and cotton, but a new movement is seeking to oppose the measure.
The Brazilian NGO, Publica, has published a special report, which for the first time gives the peasants' version of what happened in the massacre that led to the impeachment of President Fernando Lugo earlier this year.
As Paraguay's first election campaign since the overthrow of Fernando Lugo gets under way, an opponent of soya monoculture is murdered
The Colorados cannot be beaten without a strong alliance. But can Cartes address the social crisis?
Press photographer shot by motorcycle assassins: the second such killing this year.
Research by ICIJ reveals that Paraguay's new president is head of a secret bank set up in the Cook Islands.
After the 2012 Curuguaty massacre it's time to question the allegiances of US agencies.

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