BBQs across Europe are fuelling one of the world’s most pressing environmental crises, the rampant destruction of the Gran Chaco in South America. An investigation by the London-based NGO Earthsight, published today in the report “Choice Cuts”, reveals the role of a senior government minister in Paraguay in unsustainably exploiting the fragile forests of the Chaco to supply supermarket chains...
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The Brazilian government has unexpectedly cancelled the large São Luiz do Tapajós hydroelectric dam yet, as a timely new study makes clear, immense social and environmental challenges still loom for the Tapajós river valley,
A leading rural workers' rights activist speaks out about the steady concentration of land and political power and the ethnocide of rural peoples.
Herself weighing only 34 kilos, she is pregnant after being raped by her stepfather. The church, law and the government say she cannot have an abortion. Paraguay is divided.
US Ambassador to Paraguay and El Salvador, Robert White, who has died aged 88, was sacked by the Reagan administration.

Paraguay – storms ahead

President Cartes has called for Brazilian investors to "use and abuse" the country so it is scarcely surprising that Paraguayan peasants, driven off their land by Brazilian farmers, are feeling angry.
The Chaco region is under imminent threat of total deforestation
Vast tracts of land are being taken over by powerful investors, many of them from Latin America. Such is the pace, says development expert, Cristobal Kay, that the continent is being transformed before our eyes.

Revisiting Paraguay 2

So the economy's booming? Tell that to the poor, says Jan Rocha in the second of her blog posts.