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Colombia racing to commit to Just Energy Transition in La Guajira?

La Guajira is poised to become the Colombian department with the strongest potential for generating renewable energy. Reducing the environmental licence processing time for renewable energy projects here could complicate issues for local Indigenous people and the environment.

A travesty: The Economist on ‘isolated Indians’

An article in The Economist seriously misrepresents the Indigenous people affected by the Camisea drilling project for gas in the Peruvian Amazon. It reads like corporate PR for Argentine-Dutch oil consortium PlusPetrol

Brazil: offshore oil threatens coral reef

South America's largest coral reef will be at risk of destruction if drilling for up to 30 million barrels of oil off the coast of Maranhão is authorised. Also under threat will be the longest continuous stretch of mangrove in the world, which runs from the Maranhão coastline to the northern state of Amapá

Brazil: palm oil producers launch an avalanche of litigation

Oil palm producer Brazilian Biofuels is accused of violating land rights and using violence against those who oppose its intrusion onto indigenous and quilombo lands. Its response has been to launch a wave of law suits targeting protestors, prosecutors and even the police

The Assassination of Eduardo Mendua

The killing of Ecuadorean indigenous leader Eduardo Mendua provides a text-book example of how extractive projects such as oil drilling divide communities, with often fatal results. The first of a series of articles in which Linda Etchart will 'follow the money' flowing from big oil and mining.

Building self-sufficient communities in Rio’s favelas

The favela community of Vale Encantado in Rio de Janeiro are using a biosystem for sewage treatment and solar panels to make their neighbourhood economically and environmentally self-sufficient, while facing down a long-term threat of eviction. 

Chevron’s vendetta against justice continues

Chevron, found liable to pay $9.5billion for pollution in the Ecuadorean Amazon, has never paid a cent. Instead it pursues a relentless vendetta against lawyers who represented its victims in Ecuador.

Brazil: Exxon Mobil sparks oil spill fears

U.S. oil giant ExxonMobil is seeking to drill 11 wells in a marine area near the estuary of the São Francisco River in eastern Brazil. 52 conservation areas and a barrier reef are affected. The company has started training local fishermen to deal with any spill. Local communities are not being properly consulted.

Where We Mine: Resource Politics in Latin America

As the drive to expand renewable energy capacity speeds up, there is a rush for lithium and other materials around the world. What will the expansion of rare earth mining in Latin America mean for the indigenous communities and workers who have historically borne the harms of extractivism?

Peru: Stand with Máxima

A classic David-and-Goliath story, MAXIMA follows the efforts of an indigenous Peruvian farmer and activist, Máxima Acuña, in her battle to protect her land, water and dignity.

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