Monday, September 24, 2018
Justice at last for Paraguayan indigenous community.
Resentment against foreigners is growing in Argentina, as many poor migrants from Bolivia and Paraguay have been involved in the takeover of land in Buenos Aires.
The US State department asked its embassy in Asuncion to investigate possible Islamic and Iranian terrorist groups.
Social movements across Latin America unite to fight for their rights and control of their own resources.
In a powerful radio documentary Gary Northan looks at the destruction of peasant communities caused by soya for biofuels.
The author says hopes that the Paraguayan President would implement reforms are fading fast
Chile: new president excludes prominent pinochetistas from cabinet ♦ Latin America unites to help Haiti ♦ Regional energy crisis continues: this time it’s Paraguay ♦ Mexico: highest inflation rate in ten years ♦ Mexico: al


Haiti: missionaries charged with kidnapping ♦ Paraguay faces energy crisis ♦ Solution for energy crisis? Have longer weekends ♦ Argentina: new head of central bank promises to work with government ♦ China "not interested" in env

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