In an interview with La Jornada Michoacán, Daniela Morales talks to British academic, Peter Watt, who argues that neoliberal policies and the war on Mexican drug cartels are part of the same project; to maintain a weak democracy and a militarized state
As Mexico marks its 1810 and 1910 uprisings, 2010's upheaval is likely to be about drugs, not politics.
Along with international academics, LAB signed an open letter demanding the 'immediate halt' to the aerial spraying with glyphosate of b

A Plan Colombia for Mexico

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has warned that Mexico and Central America need the equivalent of a Plan Colombia to face "insurgency". Laura Carlsen comments.
Fred Rosen discusses the insecurity in Mexico, fueled by powerful drug cartels.
Surveillance on the US -Mexico border to be increased by the introduction of new drones. Taylor Barnes discusses security issues.

Mexico’s Arizona Moment

Frontera Norte Sur reports on the drug-traffickers' mass murder of international migrants that took place last week in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico (Gulf coast).  
Ines PG-Ward from Bogota looks at how much human rights abuses affected the election.
A group of Colombian and foreign academics is protesting against aerial spraying of glyphosate on Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities.
Guatemala: Squeezed between Crime and Impunity. A new report by International Crisis Group says that In Guatemala, crime has replaced political violence.

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