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Frente Amplio headed for victory in Uruguay’s October 2024 elections?

LAB caught up with Frente Amplio leader Fernando Pereira and his vice-president to find out how they propose to address the challenges the new government will face like the rise of the far-right, organised crime, and persistent poverty and marginalisation.

Ecuador: a haven no longer?

Increasing violence and instability are driving refugees and some Ecuadorians towards risky migration

Inequality fuels violence

Notably, deep-rooted inequalities and a weak state have allowed a destabilising narcotics economy to flourish across Latin America, argues Andrew Nickson Relying on the export of primary products has reinforced inequality

Ecuador: the Napo goldrush and the rise of the narco-garimpeiros

When large mining companies such as TerraEarth withdrew from gold mining in Ecuador's Napo province, they paved the way for smaller scale illegal miners to move in in force, financed by cocaine money, with terrible consequences

The deadliest place for environmental defenders

The latest report from Global Witness confirms the rising trend in killings of environmental defenders, with Mexico becoming the most dangerous country in a very dangerous region which now accounts for over 75% of lethal attacks in the world.

Cross-border traffic in coca and labour

Peruvian coca farmers are actively recruiting Brazilian indigenous workers from the Alto Salimöes region to harvest and transport coca. Violence and exploitation are rife.

The Amazon: is this the Third World War?

What is happening in the Amazon is a war -- against the rainforest, its original inhabitants, and also against the rest of the world. Perhaps this is the Third World War, the war to end all wars?

Peru: environmental defenders still dying

Murders of indigenous leaders in Peru continue, despite government promises to improve protections. Those who seek to defend their land and protect the local environment are targeted by illegal loggers, miners and drug traffickers.

Ecuador’s crisis is over … for now

A wave of protest paralysed Ecuador, with roads blockaded and food running short in some areas. The protests were led by indigenous organizations, but backed by students and trade unions. After various authoritarian actions and threats, Lasso has been forced to conciliate and the protests have subsided for now.

The Deaths of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira

The brutal murders of journalist Dom Phillips and indigenist Bruno Pereira took place in a region, the Javari Valley, beset by a profitable vortex of clandestine economies, resource plunder and land grabbing which the present government does almost nothing to discourage or suppress.

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