Sunday, October 22, 2017
Honduran military claims that clandestine groups are carrying out military training are used to justify further repression.
Research by ICIJ reveals that Paraguay's new president is head of a secret bank set up in the Cook Islands.

Caribbean Media Partners

Caribbean Media Partners is the only agency covering the region in all languages. It's mission is to facilitate regional integration through the exchange of information, news, audio-visual productions and any other content from the Caribbean.
A dramatic fall in gang-initiated killings masks ongoing violence against women.
One year on from a disastrous fire that killed 350 inmates at a prison in Comayagua, LAB's Nick Caistor finds that the situation in Honduras' jails is as bad as ever.


We are a group of PhD students from different universities and nationalities across the globe conducting research related to organised crime, security and policing with a focus on Latin America.
A new edition of Faces of Latin America, a vital source of information on Latin America, has been published.
LAB's Francis McDonagh renews his links with Recife, and observes Brazil at a slant, outside the São Paulo-Brasília beltway.
Mexican journalists are an endangered species.
The legacy of President Felipe Calderón is a sombre one: thousands killed, no economic upturn and a divided party

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