Sunday, June 24, 2018
What chance reform of the energy business will free the country from corruption by ruling elites, drug barons and 'autodefensa' vigilantes?
A majority of 6,364 votes will make FMLN President's task exceptionally difficult.
Transparency International calls for the Colombian government to be held accountable for its actions and put an end to impunity.
Latin America still has the highest rate of crime in the world. Drug traffic, corruption and the United States have all played a vital role in this drama.
Since the PRI returned to power, journalists continue to be targeted with threats, attacks and killings. Self-censorship by the survivors and their media outlets means that the most important stories don't get covered.
Violence in Tegucigalpa and Rio de Janeiro, organised crime in El Salvador, the authoritarian legacy in Argentina ... some of the research topics for LAB partner Researching Security.
Honduran military claims that clandestine groups are carrying out military training are used to justify further repression.
Research by ICIJ reveals that Paraguay's new president is head of a secret bank set up in the Cook Islands.

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A dramatic fall in gang-initiated killings masks ongoing violence against women.

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