Monday, December 6, 2021
A documentary film describing an MST settlement in Rio Grande do Sul
Latin America is a world leader in the food sovereignty movement but machismo is still alive and well
FAO optimism about eliminating hunger ignores climate change, which will present a big risk for the continent.
Last week's quiet victory over Monsanto in Campeche may have huge implications for native Indian groups in the US and Canada.
Afro-Brazilians have created a new pattern of behaviour that challenges class and racial prejudices.
Horrific events in Pedrinhas prison expose the pernicious effects of the 50-year reign of the Sarney family in Maranhao
A video prepared by a UK support group shows how ALBA is supporting farm co-operatives.

Revisiting Paraguay 1

Much remains unchanged but a few are daring to speak out against corruption, says Jan Rocha, in the the first of two blogs

Brazil: the road to progress?

Remarkable 1970 footage has been found of the Brazilian dictator, General Medici, celebrating the felling of Brazil nut trees to announce the arrival of progress to the ‘Amazonian vacuum’
A new report from Caritas highlights the four grand myths peddled by gold mining companies in the Isthmus.

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