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Indigenous Comcaac serve up an oceanic grain to preserve seagrass meadows

The Indigenous Comcaac community of northwestern Mexico is working to preserve eelgrass and promote the renaissance of the grain they obtain from it.

Brazil: I skip meals to feed my children

Single mothers who raise their families alone were hit face on by the loss of jobs and income; women are always the last to eat.

Brazil: geomapping to protect Kalunga lands

Geomapping has enabled quilombola communities in Goiás state, Brazil, to demarcate their land, apply for titles and mount a defence against invading soya farmers, ranchers, miners and land thieves. They are now receiving international recognition.

Uruguay’s paradox: will the pandemic accelerate neo-liberal policies?

To many citizens' dismay, Uruguay's exemplary handling of the pandemic could help pave the way for the Lacalle Pou administration to pass new, seemingly neoliberal, legislation.

Ecuador: Covid stalks the highlands

This article was prepared by the author on April 22 2020. While the counts of cases and deaths from Covid-19 have changed (see Postscript...

Brazil: MST guidance vs Bolsonaro’s irresponsibility

Brazil's president Bolsonaro has ridiculed the coronavirus crisis as being a mere flu, outraging health professionals and going against most members of his own...

Belo Horizonte gets a Land Reform Farmers Market

Authorities, representatives of social and cultural movements, and an appreciative audience gathered in Belo Horizonte for the opening of the Farmers' Market Shop, another...

Temer takes Brazil back to the past

Taking the 'country of the future' back to the past Sao Paulo, 20th October. It seems that Michel Temer will stop at nothing to buy...

Michel Temer: Captain of Brazil’s Titanic

Aug 14 2017 What is President Temer's weapon for fighting corruption charges? Why, corruption of course. In his relentless battle to stay in power, President Michel...

Brazil: MST occupy farms of elite land-owners

This article was originally published by Mongabay on 28 July 2017. This week, Brazil’s internationally recognized Landless Workers Movement (MST) launched a coordinated protest...

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