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Searching for the disappeared of the Southern Cone dictatorships

Tricia Feeney contextualises the work of CLAMOR, an organization co-founded by Jan Rocha dedicated to defending human rights in the countries of the Southern Cone.

Retracing Galeano’s Open Veins

'Gold, Oil and Avocados, A Recent History of Latin America in Sixteen Commodities' by Andy Robinson is a detailed account of export extractivism in Latin America, offering rich context.

Uruguay’s paradox: will the pandemic accelerate neo-liberal policies?

To many citizens' dismay, Uruguay's exemplary handling of the pandemic could help pave the way for the Lacalle Pou administration to pass new, seemingly neoliberal, legislation.

The world below grows in silence

This important article was originally published in Spanish in August 2019 (read the original here). Cristina Flores has translated it for LAB as...

Uruguay: the Tupamaros at 50

An interview with Mauricio Rosencof, one of the founding members of the Uruguayan guerrilla group the Tupamaros, which first came to international attention in 1966.

Eduardo Galeano: Latin America’s social justice laureate

A fine tribute to the legendary Uruguayan author of Open Veins of Latin America

Uruguay punches above its weight

Uruguay, once regarded as a backwater, is taking on the Big Boys with its daring new policies.

Uruguay: Guantanamo Bay and the elections

A Guantanamo Bay detainee is on hunger strike following delays to the completion of his transfer to Uruguay. But the election climate in Uruguay means there is unlikely to be a speedy resolution of his case.

Uruguay: Uncertainty looms over election second round

President Mujica's chosen successor remains favourite, but the margin is tight.

Uruguay: Pepe Mujica, hero, populist, or demagogue?

President Mujica's humble life and style have been widely popular, but not everyone likes or respects him. Javier Farje reports from Montevideo.

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