Sunday, September 19, 2021
Suspension of the retrial of Guatemalan dictator Rios Montt has dashed hopes of justice and underlined the need for a radical shake-up of the judiciary.
The disappearance of 43 student teachers at Ayotzinapa has brought the issue of 'memoria' to the fore. Relatives do not want monuments. "You took them away alive, we want them back alive", they say.
US Ambassador to Paraguay and El Salvador, Robert White, who has died aged 88, was sacked by the Reagan administration.
Hilda and Mrio González are convinced their son Cesar Manuel is still alive. "The official version is a lie," they say.
A petition, draft letter to British MPs and an early-day motion in the UK Parliament
A least nine people were killed when armed men, believed to be members of the military police, invaded a poor area of Belém. The incident, largely ignored by the mainstream press, was reported by social media.

Mega-events and prostitution

The main danger of violence to sex-workers during major sporting events is from the police, not the punters.
Government reacts promptly, after social media foiled an attempt by police to frame participant in labour protest.
The Brazilian and Scottish police forces, which have both been criticised for strong arm tactics, have been exchanging ideas about providing security for mega sport events.
When a prostitute in Brazil denounces police violence she is beaten up and threatened --by the police.

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