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Step Up Migrant Women

Women Resisting Violence Episode 3 Step Up Migrant Women
This week's episode focuses on migrant women in the UK with insecure immigration status who are experiencing domestic abuse.
Paula Hernandez’s simmering and intimate family drama, The Sleepwalkers, offers a social commentary of few words on the silence around sexual assault within still patriarchal family dynamics.
Argentina-based security and defence think tank RESDAL looks at trends in Latin America, asking what the data can tell us about gender-based violence during the pandemic, and how this can inform public policy in the region.
For over a year, Mexico has been battling the COVID-19 health emergency but another worrying, silent pandemic is currently unfolding. Violence against women, including femicides, has increased exponentially.
LAB council members and academics at King’s College are embarking on a new project to explore and celebrate grassroots campaigns and organisations that counter violence against women and girls in Latin America -- through a podcast series, website, workshop and book.
Domestic violence is part of a phenomenon that is older than COVID-19, but it is due to the pandemic that it has intensified and, at the same time, that it has gained greater visibility.
Women Crossing the Line is a three part mini-documentary series that spotlights the work of women activists in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala rising to protect women's rights, the environment and democracy.
Horrific acts of abuse and violence are committed against transgender women and human rights defenders, says the International HIV/Aids Alliance.
Gladys Lanza, from a leading women's movement in Honduras, tells LAB how women in Honduras are fighting back against the escalating rates of violence against women.

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