Chile is to be prosecuted by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for using its anti-terrorism law against the Mapuche indigenous people.
As Michelle Bachelet embarks on her second presidential term in March 2014, other Chilean women are occupying positions of power.
An exhibition of patchworks produced by craftswomen from Chile and other countries around the world shows the power of these works of silent protest
In Machynlleth, mid Wales, the El Sueño Existe festival will be held in July-August, highlighting Colombia and eco-socialism.
In her second term as president, Michelle Bachelet seems in a hurry to push through wide-ranging reforms, despite opposition in Congress and a dip in her popularity ratings
Leaders and members of some of the social movements of the Region speak out about their hopes and challenges.
President Bachelet is finding that dialogue is not enough to resolve Chile's long-running dispute with its Mapuche peoples.
'No son $30' On Friday 18 October, Chilean president Sebastian Piñera announced a state of emergency in the country’s capital Santiago. As protests spread throughout the country over the following days, the state of emergency and its accompanying curfews were also extended. Chile has not experienced a state of emergency since the one...
Award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker and producer Olivia Crellin has reported from Brazil, Ecuador and Chile, covering stories on social, environmental and human rights issues. Her latest documentary, Transgender Parents, follows Diane and Fernando as they navigate parenthood in Ecuador under the gaze of the media spotlight as Latin America’s first transgender parents. NM: Where did your interest in South America come...
A round-up of articles, books, films and photography covering the military coup.

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