A CIA document, recently declassified and heavily redacted, has been published by the El Salvador electronic newspaper La Página (2 February 2012). Article in Spanish.
San Salvador: Life under the Maras. Maras, or street gangs, have becoming the scourge of El Salvador, particularly in the capital. They sell drugs, extort money and rape girls, often in extremely cruel ways.
El Salvador says sorry for the violence of the past, but not a word about the violence of the present: the 'war on drugs' and the security interference by the USA.
Two decades after the signing of the Peace Accords, together with the social commitments they contained, El Salvador's levels of poverty and violence are so high that academic and social leaders are proposing new accords to overcome the crisis.
The author places the murder of a group of Jesuits and their housekeeper and daughter, more than two decades ago, in the context of today's justice system in El Salvador.
After a visit to Central America it becomes clear that the U.S. won't commit new funds to the region above what has already been promised, despite the growing crisis.
At the end of March, President Obama will make his first official visit to Latin America. Aleksander Aguilar looks at why he has chosen to visit Brazil, Chile and El Salvador.
The reach of the Mexican drug-trafficking group is extending south. It will take more than an iron fist policy to stop it.
The following article, published by El Pais from Spain, reports on  a seminar organised by the Carlos III University in Madrid between 15-16 February, at which a group of specialists discussed the problem of gender violence in Latin America.
The author explains how immigration has played an important role in Salvadoran elections.

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