Thursday, October 19, 2017
This article by Tim Muth is reproduced from the excellent El Salvador Perspectives blog. You can read the original here. Tim can be contacted on Twitter (@TimMuth) Universal, affordable access to potable water does not exist in El Salvador, particularly in rural areas. One partial solution to the problem is rainwater harvesting --- when the rains fall abundantly on El...
This article was first published by NACLA on 24 May 2017 Miguel López took cover in the shade at the entrance to the hilltop cemetery. It was approaching noon in the mountains of western Honduras, and the sun beat down on the Azacualpa Environmental Committee members gathered to discuss their ongoing battle with Aura Minerals, a Canadian mining company. Located...
In 1992 the United Nations-backed Chapultepec peace accords brought decades of civil war in El Salvador to an end. Now, 25 years after the peace accords, El Salvador still faces the challenges of social divisions, high crime rates, and controversial amnesty laws. A recent event in London examined the legacy of the conflict and the deep-seated problems still facing Salvadorean society. Peace...
As the impeachment process comes to an end, a group of intellectuals, both Brazilian and foreign, publish a collection of essays, analysing President Dilma Rousseff's time in government and repudiating the veiled coup.
How Hillary Clinton failed the peoples of Central America and migrants from the region to the US
Why the Pope's elevation of the martyr Oscar Romero is so important for Catholics and progressives across Latin America.
No party emerges a clear winner from the March 1 National Assembly and mayoral elections
Textile companies that make clothing for transnational brands in El Salvador are accused of forging alliances with gang members to make death threats against workers.
Despite official recognition of their rights, no public policies or laws have made these constitutional rights a reality for indigenous people.
A photography exhibition and a theatre play bring the problems of reconciliation and healing in a divided society like El Salvador to London audiences.

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