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Nicaragua: Ortega wants a submissive church

The persecution of the Church in Nicaragua intensified in the small hours of Friday 19 August when police broke into the residence of Mgr Rolando Álvarez, Bishop of Matagalpa in northern Nicaragua, and took him away with the other clergy and laity who had been blockaded with him for two weeks.

Chile: Latent Memory

Raul Sohr reviews Maxine Lowy's fascinating book about the experience and reactions of Chile's Jewish community to the Pinochet dictatorship.

Sr Pamela: lifelong campaigner for justice and peace

Sr Pamela Hussey, for more than 40 years a campaigner for Peace and Justice, especially in El Salvador, has died at the age of 99. Many LAB supporters remember her with affection and respect.

Costa Rica: women, sex and the natural world

Clara Sola takes an imaginative look at a woman’s release from the social constraints that shape her life, through her unique connection to the natural world.

El Salvador’s double bind: toxic masculinity in ‘Imperdonable’

Imperdonable is a compelling short film that condemns the hegemonic model of masculinity in El Salvador.

Pandemonium 3: resistance and recognition

Confronted with the denial of science, racism and land-greed of the modern 'colonisers', indigenous communities decided to resist and are receiving international recognition for their work.

Pandemonium 2: forest fires and pandemic

While the pandemic rages and Bolsonaro and his ministers ignore or belittle its effects, indigenous communities face renewed invasion by miners, loggers and land thieves who bring infection with them

Brazil: 520 years of pandemonium

Brazil’s indigenous peoples face the most serious threats since the military dictatorship: a government determined to eliminate their rights, abolish their culture and ‘integrate’ them into an ultra-neoliberal economy; and a pandemic to which they are particularly vulnerable and which threatens their very existence. This first of three articles examines the history of 'pandemonium'

Argentina’s National Congress passes historic bill to legalise abortion

Feminist groups in Argentina and abroad greeted the New Year in celebration as the country’s National Congress voted in favour of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Bill, which will allow childbearing people in the country to access abortion for free in public hospitals up to 14 weeks pregnancy.

Alves’ disciples: evangelical women run for office

Minister Damares Alves has become an icon in the conservative political camp, the political 'godmother' for women candidates who defend the protection of children and the anti-abortion crusade.

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