Kevin Edmonds explores the exploitative structure which humanitarian aid can take, looking at the recent example of Canada in Haiti.
Gerta Louisama is a member of the Executive Committee and the National Women’s Committee of Tèt Kole Ti Peyizan Ayisyen, Heads Together Small Producers of Haiti, Haiti’s largest and oldest peasant group.
The latest Wikileaks cables on Latin America, 24 July - 21 August 2011
The new Haitian government is having problems to put the country back on track
Homeless people are pressing for urgent action to provide them with housing.
The author argues that the United Stated wants to replicate the 'Arab Spring' in Cuba.

Brazil: the Haitian influx

Fleeing the chaos at home, hundreds of Haitians are paying coyotes (fixers) to take them, via Peru and Bolivia, to Brazil.
Two years after the earthquake that devastated Haiti, Oxfam believes that the government has not done enough to meet the needs of the victims.
The London-based Haiti Support Group says that the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission has been a failure and welcomes the end of its activities.
Melina Miles, founder of 'Let Haiti Live', ponders in her blog at the lack of outrage in the country at what she calls "the criminal negligence" in many of the disaster relief operations.

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