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WikiLeaks Cables of Interest on Latin America



Written by Dawn Paley


USG list of 22 re-mobilized paramilitary groups in Colombia circa 2006 #cablegate

Shift in State Dept language from “paramilitary” to “criminal” group

in Colombia dates from at least ’08 #cablegate

Uribe blows a lot of hot air about Chavez to the USG #cablegate


US pulled visa of Dominican Republic’s consul in Hong Kong on human

smuggling accusation #cablegate

High level Dominican Republic politician claims many politicians are

funded by narcos #cablegate #freetrade


Berger era politicos argued for US drug war $ saying “Guatemala is an

embryonic Colombian situation” #cablegate

Cable on Otto Perez Molina’s ’07 presidential run might as well be

from today #cablegate #guatemala


USG deploys reference to purse snatchings to balance police massacre

of pro-Lavalas demonstrators in #Haiti #cablegate

Pulling UN troops from Haiti “would make future hemispheric

peacekeeping efforts more difficult to justify”


Cable outlines exactly how MINUSTAH occupation serves US interests in

#Haiti, and beyond #cablegate

Note Gov’t of Canada avoided high profile meeting with Latortue in ’09 #cablegate #Haiti #shh

Corrupt Haitian senator Yuri Latortue enjoyed access to Canadian

Ambassador in ’08 #cablegate

Breaking: “Ten percent inflation and sixty percent joblessness have no

short-term cures.” #cablegate #Haiti

USG pushed judicial “reform” and prison renos in #Haiti in

’07 #cablegate

Vatican, ’10: “Aristide’s presence would distract from the relief

efforts and could become destabilizing” #cablegate

Canada assures USG of its “clear position in opposition to the return

of Aristide” in ’05 #cablegate #Haiti


US Ambassador to Honduras urged Zelaya to travel to the US & Mexico

after the coup #cablegate

Unforeseen outcome of Honduras coup: Nicaragua Burger King can only

sell chicken products for three days #cablegate

Cable from Clinton asks how a Nicaraguan attack on post-coup Honduras

would play out #cablegate


USG PO’d that Nicaragua would deny fly over clearance to a NASA space

shuttle #cablegate

Cable on Ortega’s offer of amnesty to @Pizangoperu

#cablegate #Nicaragua

USG courted Nicaragua for Canada initiated Heavy Oil Working Group #cablegate

A single, microcosmic look into how arms flow from the US #cablegate #Nicaragua

USG round up of “invasions” of Amcit owned land in Nicaragua in ’08 #cablegate

Rundown of over 10 US military missions/exercises in Nicaragua in 2008 #cablegate

Sandinista foreign advisor to USG: “heed our actions, not our

rhetoric” #cablegate


Cable on that damn leaf the USG loves to hate: Coca

#cablegate #Peru

Laundry list of anti-Humala “scandals” noted by USG in 2006 Peru

elections #cablegate #telenovela

Garcia on Humala, ’06: “a mendacious agitator and demagogue who

recently, at age 45, discovered nationalism” #cablegate


Damn. Blackberry-RIM catered to demands of Chavez gov’t & state owned

Movilnet in #Venezuela. #cablegate

Venezuelan newspaper @ElNacionalWeb asked USG if it could underwrite

the paper #cablegate

Cable on NYT journo @viaSimonRomero’s experience of “thuggery” in W.

#Venezuela #cablegate

USG take on attempted coup against Chavez. Pathetic.

#cablegate #Venezuela

Vatican favorable to US aid to Venezuela churches to “counteract

Chavez” & “blunt his attacks on the Church” #cablegate

#3 at the Vatican “shared U.S. concerns about Chavez and other leftist

leaders in Latin America” #cablegate

Cable on Venezuela shows the contribution of diplomats in the creation

of a coherent anti-Chavez narrative #cablegate

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