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Bulletin 16 February 2010

 Haiti: illness threatens survivors and orphaned children ♦ Nicaragua: Indigenous peoples are not citizens ♦ Peru: politics and show business mix well ♦ Venezuela: desperate attempts to solve energy crisis ♦ Heavy rains are the

Nicaragua’s broken polity

As Nicaragua approaches it's 2011 elections, Sergio Ramírez discusses the hold that the current President Ortega has overpower and whether elections will ring the changes. He stresses the need for international attention as a tool to avoid corruption a

Nicaragua: President Ortega Insists Nicaragua Won’t Suffer Coup

In the light of the recent political unrest in Ecuador President Ortega or Nicaragua comments on the prospects of a similar event in Nicaragua. Tim Rogers reports.

Costa Rica denounces alleged Nicaraguan incursion

Tensions run high as Costa Rica and Nicaragua squabble over border incursions on the San Juan River.

NICARAGUA: De Facto Electoral President Convokes Elections

The controversial Supreme Electoral Council convokes presidential elections. Tim Rogers reports.

The Context Behind the Costa Rican-Nicaraguan Border Dispute

Guy Burton examines the possible motives behind Ortega's stance in the recent border dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Nicaragua: authorities fail to tackle high levels of rape and sexual...

As levels of rape and sexual violence rise the government has failed to tackle the problem sufficiently, taboos remain in place and victims are left to suffer. Amnesty International has published a report which looks at the problem in detail.

The Chief of the Nicaraguan Army Denies involvement in irregular armed...

Nicaragua has today denied all involvement in irregular forces operating in the Caribbean region of Honduras. (in Spanish / en Espanol)

Nicaragua and Costa Rica: Threats Churn in the San Juan River

Environmental and territorial conflict remain along the San Juan river as a hydroelectic project looms and problems along the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica continue.

Sex Tourism Threatens Central America’s Youth

Whilst South East Asia remains the hub of sex tourism, Central America is growing in popularity due to poverty and diminishing opportunities.

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