In a talk at the London School of Economics (available as a podcast), former Bolivian President Carlos Mesa looks at political transitions in Latin America.
In Peru, water is in short supply because of the need to export agricultural produce. And the problem is getting worse.
The Andean glaciers are melting so rapidly that soon South America may be faced with millions of climate refugees, something that could destabilise the whole continent.
New photos obtained by Survival International show uncontacted Indians in extraordinary detail. The Indians are living in Brazil, near the Peruvian border.
The author analyses the election campaign in Peru, three months before Peruvians choose a new President and parliament.
A recent report by Traidcraft Exchange, Oxfam Germany and partner organisations, questions the extent to which countries like Peru benefit from such agreements.
As the date for setting presidential candidacies approaches, the Lima press is absorbed by the composition of the eventual line up. Who will run with whom? What sort of alliances are in the works?
A US appeals court okays the extradition to Peru of the 'Butcher of the Andes'. Ángel Páez reports.

Peru: Lima’s new mayor

In a special article for LAB, Nick Caistor, who has worked closely with Susana Villarán over the last 15 years, looks at the person and the politician.
Fellow Peruvian, Javier Farje, who years later studied at the same military college as Mario Vargas Llosa, is delighted that the Nobel Committee has finally recognised the genius of his compatriot.

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