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Bolivia: will new elections heal the rift?

Two months have passed since Bolivia’s disastrous October 2019 presidential elections. During this time, Evo Morales resigned from the presidency, sought asylum in Mexico,...

First Chile, then Bolivia and now Colombia… LAB Newsletter, November 2019

In addition to our website, LAB’s Facebook page provides a daily stream of summaries and links to articles published elsewhere. In this newsletter we have done...

Bolivia: 50 NGOs offer to work for peace

https://www.facebook.com/CabildeoDigital/videos/2565826723498833/ More than 50 development and human rights institutions in Bolivia have come together to appeal for a peaceful solution as the country is plunged...

Bolivia: Añez’ first days in power

This Special Bulletin from Bolivia Information Forum was issued on 17 November 2019 A right-wing government has taken office in La Paz representing the most...

Bolivia: when democracy went awol

Evo’s last years in power marked by violations of democracy November 10 2019 will be a day to remember in Bolivian history. At 16:50 of...

Bolivia – Morales forced to resign

Bolivia Information Forum (UK) has provided the detailed account, below, of the events of the last several weeks, leading up to the surprise resignations...

Brazil: the PT lion roars again

São Paulo, November 10 2019. Following a controversial Supreme Court ruling, Lula has been temporarily freed after 580 days in prison on a corruption...

Bolivia’s botched election: protestors take to the streets

There is a phrase that has been repeated many times in Bolivia over the last four years: democracy has been fatally wounded. It was first...

Lula speaks from prison

In a subtitled interview, above, the political prisoner Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva speaks of strategic errors made by the PT, BRICS, and...

Guatemala: presidential hopefuls inspire little confidence

Written by Nathalie Mercier, Christian Aid’s Programme Officer in Guatemala Decision day is fast approaching for Guatemalans awaiting the result of the country’s presidential elections. Neither...

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