Sunday, September 19, 2021

Monsanto pushes GM maize

The biotech giant, Monsanto, is taking advantage of the havoc caused by bad weather in Mexico to push its GM maize (corn).
Timothy Wise examines the impact of NAFTA on Mexican agriculture.
Eviction of indigenous community in Guatemala.

Brazil grabs land in Africa

Mozambique has offered Brazil five million hectares of land on which to grow soya, maize and cotton.
Marianne Arake, from LAB, has translated into English the important 'call for action' produced jointly by indigenous groups from the nine countries of the Amazon Basin after their meeting in Manaus.

Brazil: the land grab hottens up

Foreign investors believe that Brazil could have 150 million hectares of under-used farm land

Argentina: death in soya war

A peasant leader has been killed in Santiago del Estero, apparently by gunmen sent in by a local landowner.
According to a new report, hundreds of sugarcane workers are dying in Central America as a result of of a strange kidney disease, without any serious investigation being carried out as to the cause.
Women from Latin America, the Caribbean and West Africa are to meet in Ecuador
Many governments in South America see themselves as progressive, yet all are involved in conflicts over the environment.

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