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Guerrilla Movements

Salvadorean refugees repatriate to Nueva Esperanza

In 1991 a group of 325 Salvadorean refugees returned to their country after 10 years of exile in Nicaragua. They faced great difficulties in...

Ten Years: an NGO adapts to peace-building in Colombia

Written by Christian Aid’s Kate Newman and Karen Brock, based on conversations with Pedro Lazaro, Thomas Mortensen and Alejandra Albizu. For more than two decades,...

Ten Years: adapting for peace-building in Colombia

For more than two decades, Christian Aid and its partners, including the Inter-Church Commission for Justice and Peace (CIJP), have been working to tackle...

Colombia: the FARC returns to war?

The recent announcement by Iván Márquez – the second highest commander of the original Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) – that sections of...

Migration & displacement – LAB Newsletter July 2019

Dear LAB Supporter and Friend, 31 July 2019 Migration and Displacement at crisis point In addition to our website, LAB’s Facebook page provides a daily stream of summaries...

The Peace Agreement three years on – Afro-Colombian and Indigenous perspectives

Three years ago, the Colombian government and its armed opponents of fifty years signed a peace agreement that offered a framework for ending violent conflict and...

El Salvador: reconciliation or impunity?

El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly is expected to vote soon on a controversial new 'Special Law of Transitional and Restorative Justice for National Reconciliation'. Despite...

Colombia’s struggle for sustainable development

The relationship between the natural environment and the armed conflict in Colombia is deeply interwoven and complex, and the issue of governance is at...

Metamorphosis in Colombia: Guerrillas In Search Of Peace

Click an image in the slider, above, to view full-size. In 2016 one of the world’s oldest, largest and best known guerrilla armies,...

Voices in New York – LAB Newsletter April 2019

26 April 2019 Dear LAB Supporter and Friend, The shocking suicide of former President Alan García, as police arrived to arrest, may have been planned in...

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