Tuesday, March 5, 2024


Ecuador: Napo goldrush begins with big mining

Chinese owned TerraEarth started mining for gold in Ecuador's Napo province. After numerous instances of pollution of water sources, encroachments and other violations, court and regulatory action eventually forced the company to withdraw -- for now.

Fighting illegal mining in Yanomami territory

Agência Pública chronicles the work of Brazil's environmental protection agency, IBAMA, to root illegal miners out of the territory of the Yanomami people -- in an effort to fulfil Lula's pledge of action

What a load of greenwash!

A mining engineer with more than 40 years in the industry challenges the ESG frameworks used by mining companies to greenwash their activities

‘Fake environmentalist’ campaign against Guapinol defenders

A Twitter campaign smearing the reputation of environmental activists in Honduras is a coordinated effort to protect mining interests.

La Pampa: The horrors of illegal gold mining

This impactful drama from Peruvian director Dorian Fernández Moris recounts life for women in the hellish La Pampa, an illegal gold mining site in the Peruvian Amazon.

Out now: The Heart of Our Earth

The Heart of Our Earth: Community resistance to mining in Latin America tells the story of the unprecedented expansion of the mining industry across Latin America since the 1990s, and the massive social and environmental upheaval this has involved.

Voz VII | The Salar de Atacama, Chile: draining the desert

If humanity is to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, it is essential that we decarbonize our economies. This will depend upon the widespread rollout of technologies which are enormously metal- and mineral-intensive. But mining is not without its social and environmental impacts, nor is it free of responsibility for the climate emergency.

Yanomami crisis sparks action against illegal gold in the Amazon

In January, a wave of outrage swept Brazil after photos and footage of sick and starving Yanomami were made public. Indigenous federal deputy is trying to speed up the vote of a new bill that establishes new rules for the gold trade in Brazil.

Crimes against Guapinol defenders reflect neglect from Honduran government

'The Government is responsible for these two murders, and Xiomara Castro must provide an explanation,’ declared ERIC-SJ researcher Joaquín Mejía Rivera, in the wake of the killing of two environmental defenders in Guapinol.

El Salvador: water defenders arrested

Five water defenders from Santa Marta, Cabañas, El Salvador have been arrested in connection with the 1989 murder of a woman in their community. However, their active membership of an organisation opposed to mining and strong signs that the government wants to subvert the country's mining ban suggest another motive for their persecution

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