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Trade Unions, cooperatives & employment

Peru teachers strike for social justice October 2021
A prolonged and bitter teachers' strike in Peru in 2017 was about much wider social discontents and eventually brought militant strikers' leader Pedro Castillo victory in the country's presidential elections.
Vale mining is finally forced to pay compensation to Minas Gerais state, but the victims of the Brumadinho disaster are not consulted. In Chile, Antofagasta mining faces strike action. From LAB's London Mining Network blog.
Despite Latin America having some of the highest COVID-19 death rates in the world, the ‘essential’ banana export industry has thrived, while workers have been left to pay the price in lay offs, wage reductions, extended working hours and erosion of labour rights. A situation further exacerbated by European supermarkets abusing their bargaining power to further reduce the already...
To many citizens' dismay, Uruguay's exemplary handling of the pandemic could help pave the way for the Lacalle Pou administration to pass new, seemingly neoliberal, legislation.
Young people and rural trade unions in Nicaragua are campaigning for a better, more sustainable agriculture industry.
The Mbyju’i Communal Land Association: protector of the common good. by Andrew Nickson Origin: The association goes back to the old days when, lacking land of their own, small cattle farmers in Santa Rosa occupied state-owned land on the banks of the Tebicuary River to use for pasture. Misiones: The Mbyju’i Communal Land Association in the department of Misiones is the...
São Paulo, 29 May 2018: A week-long strike by hundreds of thousands of lorry drivers, blockading highways and interrupting deliveries of petrol, food, medical supplies and livestock, paralysed Brazil. Without fuel, planes were grounded, buses were unable to run, and cars were stranded. Without medicines and blood, hospitals cancelled operations and turned patients away. Schools and universities closed down....

Nicaragua: What now?

  Tens of thousands of Nicaraguans marched through the streets of the capital Managua and other cities at the end of April. The demonstrations were in answer to a call from the Catholic Church to press for Daniel Ortega’s Sandinista government to enter into dialogue over controversial reforms to the social security system that led to protests earlier in the month...
São Paulo, 16 April. Lula disappeared into the federal police building in Curitiba on 7 April and nobody knows when he will be seen again. Two days before, after the Supreme Court refused to grant him a habeas corpus, the PT’s presidential candidate had bunkered down at the HQ of the metalworkers union in São Bernardo, surrounded by thousands of...
Brigadier General Gustavo Moreno is sitting behind a wide desk in his air-conditioned office. It overlooks the parade ground of the police compound which sits vacant, belted by the midday sun. A receptionist brings in cups of weak, sugary coffee that Colombians call tinto. As the police commander for ‘Region Five’, General Moreno is in charge of security for one...

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