Sunday, May 26, 2024

Chapter 8 - State violence, policing and paramilitaries

Brazil: indigenous reserves to be opened up to mining

New Minister of Mines and Energy Admiral Bento Albuquerque announced on 4 March that he plans to permit mining on indigenous lands...

Colombia: chocolate of peace

A film by Gwen Burnyeat and Pablo Mejía Trujillo about the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó. Chocolate of Peace depicts the Peace Community...

La Noche de los Lapices (The Night of the Pencils)

Argentine film (1hr 35mins) directed by Hector Olivera. Showing events in September 1976, in La Plata, Argentina, when a number of secondary school students,...

Massacre en Tlatelolco, 2 October 1968

Shows footage of the infamous massacre of scores, probably hundreds of students in Mexico City, who were protesting at extravagant government spending on the...

Marielle and Monica: the LGBT activists resisting Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Marielle Franco, Brazilian LGBT and human rights activist, was killed in March 2018. Her widow, Monica Benicio, continued her fight for better ...

The first family, the generals, the oranges and the Cheshire cat

25 February. It’s less than two months since Jair Bolsonaro was sworn in as president, but so much has happened that it seems like...

Brazil: gunmen attack indigenous community in Porto Alegre

It is not only in the Amazon and remote rural areas that indigenous lands are coming under increased pressure as the new Bolsonaro government...

Bolsonaro’s people: the Amazon, indigenous and landless at risk

President-elect Jair Bolsonaro has chosen Ricardo Salles as Brazil’s environment minister. The former São Paulo state government environment secretary is under investigation for...

Guatemala: the echo of pain

Documentary film by Ana Lucía Cuevas centres on a filmmaker's search for answers about what happened to her brother, his wife and child, all abducted during the Guatemalan Civil War.

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