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To end Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

In November-December 2018 Christian Aid promoted a Month of Awareness of Gender Based Violence, working with its partners in the region, around the International...

Endorsements for Voices of Latin America

Here are some of the endorsements for LAB's new book, Voices of Latin America: Dr Duncan Green, Senior Strategic Adviser, OXFAM: This is a wonderful X-ray...

Chile: Killing of Mapuche activist provokes large protests

By: Rodrigo Acuña. Source: LAB The recent death of the 24-year-old Mapuche activist and leader Camilo Catrillanca has sparked widespread condemnation and protests throughout Chile. On...

Communities vs La Megaminería

LAB author Matt Kennard who has begun work to  research and write a LAB book about community resistance to mining, interviewed Lucio Cuenca, director...


We are a cultural journalism website, focussing on Latin American cultural production and issues, with a focus on Latin events in Bristol. As well...

Brazil: will fake news win the election?

As Brazil enters the final week before the second round of the presidential election, to be held on Sunday 29 October, the industrial scale...

Voices: a work in progress

Work on LAB's exciting new book Voices of Latin America is progressing rapidly More than 45 of our interviews, from 11 countries, have...

Voices of Latin America: Thank you to all our generous supporters

We estimate that the total raised from our crowd-funding will be around £12,720 A huge thank you to all our generous supporters. Your pledges on...

Voices of Latin America: crowd-funding completed… fund-raising continues

May 18. Our Crowdfunder campaign finished last night. We raised £7,000, but the total will be considerably more because part of this was match-funded....

Rogelio: a voice from Colombia

May 11: The last 6 days of our crowd-funding to make voices like this one be heard. "For us our land is everything, it is...

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