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The life of Brazil’s Marielle Franco


Marielle Franco was a rising political star in Brazil: she was an activist, the only Black woman to serve on Rio de Janeiro’s current City Council, and a fierce critic of Brazilian government corruption. Marielle Franco grew up in Maré, a favela in northern Rio de Janerio, Brazil and known for her infectious smile, colorful headwraps, and strong advocacy for poor Black people. Marielle Franco was a symbol of hope to many marginalized communities in Brazil who have felt left out of politics for decades. And on March 14, 38-year-old Marielle Franco was tragically assassinated. Brazil’s president, Michel Temer, has used her death as a way of defending his decision to militarize Rio. But what led Marielle Franco to a life of activism in Brazil? Find out in NowThis World correspondent Versha Sharma’s report, The Life of Marielle Franco.

Video: NowThisWorld, 15 April 2018

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