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New logo for LAB Quarterly Dispatch, Voz



We’ve been busy designing a logo for LAB’s new quarterly guest-written dispatch, Voz – the first of which we hope will be with LAB subscribers next month. 

Voz features the latest on Latin American issues in a long-read article, guest-written by esteemed writers and academics on the ground in Latin America.

We worked with the talented Chilean artist Francisco Brzovic on the design for the Voz logo. It was first sketched by hand, then digitally illustrated, cut into linoleum and printed. Pancho’s characteristic linocut process gives the logo texture and a sense of the unique voice of each dispatch’s guest writer.

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Francisco, who was born in Puerto Montt in 1963 and exiled to France in 1986, where he still lives today, sensitively and cleverly portrays human struggles for justice and the natural world in his artwork. Do take a look at his work here and see the Voz logo design process here.