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Mourning the 56 in Guatemala

First episode of Women Resisting Violence podcast released on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women



To mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, LAB and King’s College London release the first episode of our new podcast, Women Resisting Violence, where women share their experiences of supporting each other and transforming their communities.

This episode focuses on Ocho Tijax, a women’s group caring for the survivors and families of 56 girls who were abused in a state-run children’s home in Guatemala. A fire at the home killed 41 girls but still no one has been sentenced for the crimes. We hear from Ocho Tijax, a collective who dignify the girls’ memory and fight their case in the courts, and from Vianney, the mother of Ashly, who lost her life in the fire.

Please be aware that this episode contains references to death and abuse and one instance of strong language.

Women Resisting Violence hopes to influence policy around gender-based violence and highlight the voices and lessons of those working on the frontlines of their communities. We’d be grateful if you could help us achieve this by leaving a review and sharing the podcast with friends, family and colleagues, and letting us know your thoughts. 

You can join the conversation using the hashtag #WomenResistingViolence and by tagging us on @latinamericabureau on Instagram, @LatAmB on Twitter or @latinamericabureau on Facebook.

You can also listen in Spanish:

And read along in Portuguese:

Learn more about the collective and browse LAB’s content to understand the context of these women’s stories.

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