Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Covid-19 in Latin America – Update 14, 22 October

Covid-19 in Latin America update 14: Argentina reaches 800,000 cases, Brazil agrees to test Russia’s ‘Sputnik’ vaccine, Chileans vote 'Apruebo' with social distancing in place, Colombia sees increase in violence against LGBTQ+, Cuba reopens 13/15 provinces to tourists.

Indigenous peoples: why it matters to us all if they catch...

This article was translated for LAB by Chloe Budd. You can read the original (in Spanish) here. Main image: Raya, an old Nahua....

Brazil’s prisons: Covid-19 massacre imminent

Open and poorly treated wounds, food waste on the cell floor, rat faeces, little ventilation, water rationing, insects everywhere. While some inmates do not even get...

São Paulo: the streets under ‘social isolation’

(main image, above) Thursday 26 March, 1:54 pm. A homeless person lies in the entrance to one of the many banks on Rua Boa...

El Salvador’s Bukele – populist and authoritarian?

Between the 24 and 27 April 2020, 76 gang-related murders were reported in El Salvador - a significant hike from the 65 murders which...

Guatemala: the void left by empty classrooms

Sunset over Guatemala City marks another day of widening inequality and increasing despair as Covid-19 cases continue to rise. With the country’s informal economy...

The Amazon: hunger – the invisible side of Covid-19

This article originally appeared in Portuguese in the Portuguese newspaper O Público, on 2 April, here. The version published by Amazon Latitude, here, was translated...

Bolsonaro the grave-digger

April 23 2020. I'm not a gravedigger’ said President Jair Bolsonaro scornfully, when a reporter tried to question him about the number of coronavirus...

Brazil’s twin catastrophes: the virus and the president

Brazil faces two disasters: the pandemic of coronavirus, and the pandemonium of the Bolsonaro government. The first is invisible and highly contagious but should only last...

Buenos Aires: the virus reaches the ‘villas miseria’

Main image: Without water, the virus spreads. Image: Facebook profile of Barrios de Pie Ramona Medina, one of the community leaders of Villa 31,...

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