Thursday, June 21, 2018
Colombians’ rejection of the peace deal on 2 October led to mass demonstrations in the streets, with people demanding a new agreement, fast. ‘Friends of peace’ in Colombian cities like Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla, and Montería gave voice to the urgent need to find a way out of the post-plebiscite debacle. Meanwhile, Colombian nationals living in the UK who were...
As the Brazilian Senate embarks on the final step in the long process to impeach the President, a powerful image of Dilma has been circulating on Whatsapp. But is what it says true?
LAB has been listening to leaders of Brazil's social movements to hear the messages they want to get across to the 10,000 journalists in Rio for the Olympics.
Artist Alfredo López Casanova inscribes the names of the missing relatives into the soles of the shoes of their surviving relatives
Former Lima mayor Susana Villaran, who was in the forefront of efforts to restore democracy to Peru when strognman Alberto Fujimori was in power in the 1990s, argues that the new government under Pedro Pablo Kuscinsky has to renew the fight.
Controversy over role of Brazilian media in current crisis. Editor of Folha de S. Paulo, Otávio Frias, reacts angrily to a paper given by LAB editor.
May 25 is the National Day of Dignity for Women Victims of Sexual Violence, but progress is limited.
Director Lola Arias' new play puts on stage six veterans of the Malvinas conflict
In Caño del Oro, on an island close to Cartagena, efforts to win collective land titles boost the resilience of the Afro-Colombian community.
The use by the police of social media to coordinate revenge killings may explain the increase in police-related homicides in Brazil in recent months.

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