São Paulo, April 5: ‘If he sees a banana skin on the pavement across the road, he will cross over to slip on it’, said columnist Elio Gaspari, describing the Brazilian president’s unerring capacity to provoke self-inflicted crises. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QHDGdzFyY8 Bolsonaro's call to commemorate the military coup. Video: Al Jazeera, 31 March 2019
Charles Beach, in Cúcuta, witnessed Branson’s concert and the halting of the aid convoy On 22 January Richard Branson came to the Colombian border city of Cúcuta, a place that I’ve called my home and PhD field site for the last year, to organize a fundraising concert for the people of...
25 February. It’s less than two months since Jair Bolsonaro was sworn in as president, but so much has happened that it seems like six months. In January Brazil was hit by a series of tragedies, all of them avoidable if safety precautions had been taken seriously. Instead we watched in sadness and horror as helicopters flew back and...
We are a politically pluralist collective of journalists, academics, trade unionists, students, activists, workers and others living in the UK who are concerned about the alarming economic and political situation faced by the people of Argentina at the hands of the disastrous neoliberal model. Our concerns mirror those of millions within the country; record national indebtedness, growing inequality, poverty, environmental...
Pretty Faces, Grisly Interests This article was published on the website of Canadian progressive magazine Briarpatch. LAB has added titles and images. Main image: Banner at peaceful protest near Escobal mine. Guatemala’s Constitution states that resistance is legitimate when done to protect and defend human rights. Photo: Sandra Cuffe/MiningWatch Canada Though Mexico was a punching bag throughout Donald Trump’s successful campaign...
Companies like Vale and Odebrecht are in charge of Brazil's largest projects in Africa, with disastrous consequences.

Temer out!

Demonstrations against Brazil's new President, Michel Temer, widely regarded as a usurper, are taking place in many cities and towns.
International drug policies reflect a bias towards the global north, with damaging consequences for the south.
Thousands of Cuban migrants trying to reach the United States through Central America have found themselves stranded as countries close their borders to them.
The Pope delivered a strongly political message in his recent visit to Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay, one that is reverberating around the world.

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