Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Banana Link

Banana Link is working towards fair and sustainable banana and pineapple production and trade in close partnership with banana workers unions and small farmers organisations.
ULAM is a network of grassroots women organisations across Latin America who are defending the environment and their human rights against the extractive industry.

Caribbean Media Partners

Caribbean Media Partners is the only agency covering the region in all languages. It's mission is to facilitate regional integration through the exchange of information, news, audio-visual productions and any other content from the Caribbean.
Although there have been advances on the legislative and policy front regarding women, many of the reforms exist only on paper. In fact, violence against women is actually increasing, says Tian Spain.
Interview with Sergia Galvan, Executive Director of Colectiva Mujer y Salud, an organisation that works defending women’s rights in the Dominican Republic.
Mass protests against cyanide contamination from Canadian-owned gold mine
Claudia Pompa describes the mission of microfinance institute, Esperanza Internacional.
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Education movement gains ground. As calls for more resources to be invested in education are growing across the country
Civil society organisations are mobilising to get the government to take more effective action to curb domestic violence. In a special article for LAB, Daniel Jackman reports.

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