Brazil's National Cancer Institute is concerned about the health of the country's population, now that glyphosate, widely used in the cultivation of soya, has been classified as a "probable carcinogen".
A provincial court in Argentina has found two people guilty of illegally spraying agro-chemicals close to a residential area in Cordoba.

Brazil: MST attacks Dilma

In the wake of a series of actions undertaken by the landless movement (MST) across the country, João Pedro Stédile, one of the main leaders, has attacked President Dilma for allowing her government to be taken over by 'second-rate bureaucrats'.
The Franco government has approved the cultivation of genetically modified corn and cotton, but a new movement is seeking to oppose the measure.
Farmers threaten to burn seeds donated by Monsanto.
Monsanto has appealed against a Brazilian court ruling that it should pay back to Brazilian farmers all of the taxes collected since 2004 — a minimum of 2 billion dollars.
Monsanto and the government's 'soyalisation' programme threaten the health of thousands and have contributed to escalating violence, including four murders, according to respected Argentine human rights campaigners.

Monsanto pushes GM maize

The biotech giant, Monsanto, is taking advantage of the havoc caused by bad weather in Mexico to push its GM maize (corn).
The Mexican government is rushing ahead with the legalsiation of GMOs, even though there is a growing body of evidence of the damage they do. Even the ladybirds have something to teach us, says Silvia Ribeiro.
Timothy Wise examines the impact of NAFTA on Mexican agriculture.

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