A brilliant YouTube video by HBO's John Oliver
These images of the recent violence in Santiago, Chile, taken during the last few days, were sent to LAB on WhatsApp
Letter from Elisa. Rios de Encontro. 4 June 2019 Dear Friends, When I was leaving Marabá, I realised I was entering on a new phase of my life, one which I'd always fought to reach. It’s not just through the knowledge I've gained thanks to the hard work I've put...
Letter No 2 from Elisa Dias, Cabelo Seco, Marabá, 13 June 2019 Dear Friends, My experience in Belgium was really extraordinary.  We learned so much in just a few days. I’m gradually getting used to meeting a new organizing team twice a day, so my experience in Germany pushed me...
This article was published by Correio da Cidadania, 24 June. You can read the original here. Introduction translated for LAB by Mike Gatehouse. Main image: Luciana Nogueira, wife of Evaldo Rosa dos Santos, at the funeral of her husband. Friends of the musician protested with Brazilian flags stained in red. Photo: BlackWomenofBrazil.co Interview and article by Gabriel Brito The so-called Brazilian...
2 July 2019 Dear LAB Supporter and Friend Threats multiply - to women, diversity and the environment Somos Guerreras is a collective of seasoned artists comprised of rappers Rebeca Lane (Guatemala), Nakury (Costa Rica) and Audry Funk (Mexico). They are visiting London for the first time in early July, and will appear at the Festival of Latin American Women in...
Immediately following the military coup in Chile on September 11 1973, the Pinochet dictatorship set about destroying as much as they could lay their hands on of the hugely popular wave of commited art and culture which had supported and given a voice to Popular Unity, its supporters and to millions of ordinary Chileans.

Jovem Negro Vivo

30,000 young people are assassinated every year in Brazil. Of these 77 per cent are black. We want to see these young people living! Video: Anistía Internacional Brasil. 8 November 2014, (in Portuguese, English subtitles available)
Dramatic, animated infographics showing the number of young people being assassinated in Brazil, and making comparisons with countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Part of Amnesty International (Brazil)'s campaign. Video: Anistia Internacional, 2014 (in Portugues)

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