Saturday, May 27, 2017
A new initiative is being made in Bogota to help women stand up to machismo and to get men to change their behaviour
Venezuela's opposition parties reject quotas for women election candidates, but the government's own record on gender lags behind most countries in the Region.
Herself weighing only 34 kilos, she is pregnant after being raped by her stepfather. The church, law and the government say she cannot have an abortion. Paraguay is divided.
In her second term as president, Michelle Bachelet seems in a hurry to push through wide-ranging reforms, despite opposition in Congress and a dip in her popularity ratings
A photography exhibition and a theatre play bring the problems of reconciliation and healing in a divided society like El Salvador to London audiences.
It is estimated that half a million young women in Latin America and the Caribbean are lured into sexual abuse, with social media playing a key role.
Protestors all over the country demand an explanation from the government of what has has happened to the 43 disappeared students
The South American nation reached the goal after following the programme "Yes I Can" designed by Cuba.
Threatened by local gangs, children in El Salvador are fleeing to the United States
Ed Rhodes reports on a World Cup fans match, England vs Brazil. The match was arranged with LAB's help.

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