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Vacancy at LAB

for an Admin & Editorial Assistant


Admin and Editorial Assistant post

  • Location: Work from home
  • Hours: part-time 20 hours/2.5 days per week
  • Salary: £25,000 pro rata
  • Duration: 9 months initially, to be extended if funding permits


The need for LAB’s work has never been greater: Latin America is entering an era of intense challenges: the neo-liberal economic model has largely failed; inequalities in much of the region are growing; toxic populism, such as that of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, is rampant; the bonanza of mineral and fossil fuel extraction is on the wane, leaving behind its legacies of environmental destruction, social destitution and the corruption of politics; even as climate change threatens the future of water supplies, agriculture and ecosystems, deforestation of the Amazon and the destruction of other rural and river environments is increasing. And Covid-19 threatens not only to kill many more people, especially in vulnerable indigenous communities, but to leave vast numbers in unemployment and poverty.

Ecuadorian indigenous leader Alicia Cawiya with LAB’s book Voices of Latin America

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For more than 10 years LAB has been sustained entirely by volunteers working from home. Yet we have continued to publish books, established a fruitful publishing partnership with Practical Action Publishing and have steadily expanded the content and reach of our website and use of social media. This has come at a cost: our volunteer editors can only do so much, and this limits our further development.

Following a review of our budget, income and expenditure, we have decided that LAB is at last able to take on a paid worker to assist with admin, editorial and promotional work. The initial appointment is for 9 months, part-time, but if we can raise further funds, we hope to extend the hours and make the post permanent.

You can download a full job-description here. For more information, please e-mail:

The closing date for applications is 31 July and we hope to have someone in post by early September.