The Rights of Nature

At the end of September, voters in Ecuador enthusiastically approved a referendum designed to consolidate power under leftist president Rafael Correa and to strategically shock the country's flagging economy.
The Cuban revolution has been championed and assailed for five decades. But what are the real sources of its endurance, and will these be enough to extend its life far beyond its fiftieth anniversary?
Rachel Robb from has been circulating memos in time for Bolivia's referendum to approve a new constitution on 25th January. Topics include US-Bolivia trade, land reform, the economy...

Bolivia: after the vote

A further decisive win for Evo Morales should settle debate about Bolivia's new constitution. But the divisions the campaign exposed ensure a bumpy ride ahead, says John Crabtree.
The Sunday Times has an interesting article on Brazilian Indians today. The journalist Chrstina Lamb went back to the region visited by Norman Lewis 40 years ago.
Raul Zibechi, a Uruguayan journalist and one of Latin Amerca's leading political analysts, looks at the relationship between the new progressive governments in Latin America and social movements.

Plan Colombia & FARC

This article gives you a really powerful idea of what it is like on the ground as the Colombian government pursues its offensive against coca-growing and the FARC guerrillas, which remain, as ever, intermingled.
You've heard about rich people buying land in Patagonia, acquiring getaways in an expanse seemingly removed from the climate woes of the planet (well, aside from the ozone hole right over it).
The recent rains in the north of Argentina caused mudslides that devastated the town of Tartagal. Indigenous activists have been mobilising to stop the deforestation responsible for the disaster (in Spanish) Read more
Leading scientists meeting in Copenhagen in mid-March have produced highly alarming forecasts about the future of the Amazon forest.

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