Tuesday, October 24, 2017
A British documentary film about the student demonstrations in Chile in 2011.
As Michelle Bachelet embarks on her second presidential term in March 2014, other Chilean women are occupying positions of power.
A documentary film about Chilean Refugees in Cambridge, England, prompts wider questions about a time when the words 'refugee' and 'asylum' prompted sympathy rather than fear.
Vast tracts of land are being taken over by powerful investors, many of them from Latin America. Such is the pace, says development expert, Cristobal Kay, that the continent is being transformed before our eyes.
Re-issued for the 40th anniversary of the military coup in Chile, this Introduction to Chile by Chris Welch follows the style of Mexican cartoonist Rius.
A round-up of articles, books, films and photography covering the military coup.
An eye witness account of the Popular Unity period in Chile, the Pinochet coup and its ongoing aftermath.
40 years since the Pinochet coup, the global neo-liberal revolution it ushered in is still in rude health.
Communities on the Marañon river are planning resistance to hydro-electric projects being bull-dozed through by the government and the mining companies.
LAB Council member David Lehmann, after a visit to Santiago's Museo de La Memoria, is perplexed to find that support for the violence perpetrated by the Pinochet dictatorship is still acceptable and tolerated.

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