Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Thousands of Cuban migrants trying to reach the United States through Central America have found themselves stranded as countries close their borders to them.
Warnings about the human and environmental costs of 'free trade' went unheeded. Now the most vulnerable Central Americans are paying the price.
The Isthmus is almost the last place on Earth where The People's Republic of China and Taiwan still compete for recognition.
A new report from Caritas highlights the four grand myths peddled by gold mining companies in the Isthmus.
ENCA works directly with communities in Central America, struggling for environmental and social justice, and provides small-scale funding for sustainable projects.
On the 25th May, more than 450 cities in the world marched against Monsanto, and San Jose was no exception.
Five years after being fired from the giant Piña Frut pineapple farm, two workers return to work after successful action by their union, SITRAP.
Central American feminist María Suárez Toro explains how women have decided 'that they are not going to be represented by the boys'.
Several strains of the fungal disease 'Roya' are devastating coffee bushes across Central America with disastrous consequences for harvests and farmers
A renowned Costa Rican environmentalist says that small-scale farming can help resolve the problem of climate change in Central America.

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